Our Mission

Our mission is to provide small to medium size companies on limited budgets with top notch design and marketing. By offering website site deployment at a third of the cost without cutting into the design and marketing quality we hope to increase Texas economy and help small business expand which would otherwise not be able to utilize this technology.

We also help non-profit organizations with free websites as well but there is a limit to how many we can take in to be able to continue to offer such services so not all non-profits are accepted.

Enoxx Design is established to fill this void – plain and simple. The Company provides a diverse range of high profile marketing services to small and medium sized businesses at competitive prices.

We sit alongside customers to understand their business models and together create long term marketing solutions. The Company is an indispensable, professional solution for real companies that require common sense business.

Our sites not only have a clean professional outlook, but are also uniquely tailored to fit your company needs and mission. When someone visits one of our sites, they don’t see marketing gimmicks, but instead get a personal bond with the company from the start. By integrating your personality, and community endeavors you touch base with the client at a personal level which inclines’ the consumer to be more willing to come to you for business instead of your competitors!